Stealing, Stealing, Stealing….

John Holt‘s voice is like the sun, always the same but somehow different. He/it can do whatever is required. This is a voice for all seasons. An ice cold Red Stripe by summer–and given the weather we’re experiencing in these parts–a cashmere/wool blend by winter.

My favourite Holt track? There isn’t one. But I’m currently obsessed with Stealing, Stealing (particularly the 1970 version). Check it out and let Holt’s voice get a hold of you like a thief in the night…..


It’s Party Time

Several months back, my friends Mas Robbie, Stichie, urbansteve and myself were gathered in my living room listening to some heavy roots riddims and drinking in preparation for an evening on the town. As the music got heavier and our spirits lifted I decided to host an impromptu rum tasting. I randomly selected four rums from my collection with little regard for any discernible order; the rums were from different nations and spoke different languages, the only commonality being their location on my shelf. Continue reading