Stealing, Stealing, Stealing….

John Holt‘s voice is like the sun, always the same but somehow different. He/it can do whatever is required. This is a voice for all seasons. An ice cold Red Stripe by summer–and given the weather we’re experiencing in these parts–a cashmere/wool blend by winter.

My favourite Holt track? There isn’t one. But I’m currently obsessed with Stealing, Stealing (particularly the 1970 version). Check it out and let Holt’s voice get a hold of you like a thief in the night…..


A Perfect Song: ‘Long, Long, Long’

Like many music lovers the Beatles’ music is well represented in my music collection. I’m no expert or anything but I am lame enough to play ‘Birthday’ on my birthday and think I’m being clever. And I have a favourite Beatle. And I have favourite Beatles songs. And I’ve had many a discussion regarding the songwriting genius of the Lennon-McCartney partnership. And I don’t need to tell you about the greatness of ‘In My Life’ or ‘Hey Jude’ or ‘A Day In The Life’.

But I do need to tell you that neither John nor Paul wrote the most perfect Beatles song ever; no, George Harrison did. The song: The White Album’s ‘Long, Long, Long’. I’m not saying this just to be contrary. Nor am I saying that George wrote the best Beatles song ever; discussion of which Beatles song is best is an inane discussion anyway. What I mean to suggest is that this song achieves one thing that no other great song in the Beatles catalogue achieved:

It can be listened to repeatedly without feeling like old hat. Without feeling ubiquitous.

The melody is tender and sweet. Not too catchy. And can be listened to repeatedly without fear of inducing drunken frat boy sing-alongs (hello ‘Hey Jude’) or hippy kumbayaish moments (I’m looking at you ‘All You Need Is Love’). It doesn’t threaten to be used to sell shoes or insurance. Artists cover it rarely yet respectfully and expertly. It is neither a happy song nor a sad one; its waltz like tempo encourages me to dance with a partner, its introspective lyrics could be a paean to a lover or an ode to a god. It simply gets better with each and every listen.

It feels like longing, like yearning, like craving. But it also feels like satiation, consummation, the fulfillment of desire. It is a kiss goodbye and a kiss goodnight. It is a song for any moment. It is a song in the key of life. It feels lived.

It feels perfect.

‘Long, Long, Long’ – The Beatles

A Perfect Song: ‘I Am Lonely’

Despite the nip in the air and the chilling breeze that required me to bundle up (and Jah know I hate bundling up), today was a good day. Nothing spectacular happened, but I didn’t need anything spectacular to happen. Nothing could break my stride. Even while I was at work, plugging away at my desk, I found cheer: Whether it was the picture of my beautiful niece Zoë that serves as the wallpaper on my desktop or the belly laughs I shared with coworkers. It was just one of those days where time is flying and I am having fun. In a word, my day was perfect. Perfect.

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