(Not So) Shameless Self Promotion: Bass Kultcha Ep. 9

So. I’m not even going to bother with the kind of apologia I dropped in this post. But I haven’t been here in quite some time. And as I’m sure you can tell many, many, many months have passed between BK Ep. 8 and the promised (holiday/xmas edition) Ep. 9. What can I say? I’m Jamaican. We perfected and patented the “soon come” concept.



(Not So) Shameless Self Promotion: Bass Kultcha, Ep. 7

In the aftermath of the first Bass Kultcha event, we welcome Earl Grey, one of the guest selectors on that night. In this episode we discuss Earl’s upcoming projects, before settling in for an eclectic mix of classic dub, roots, dancehall and a few mashups and genre defying tracks for good measure.

(Not So) Shameless Self Promotion: Bass Kultcha, Ep. 4

Chune! Yes, we’re back again….

Kevin Reigh and urbansteve return for the fourth episode of the Bass Kultcha show, on StudioFeed Radio. This episode is filled with a blend of dancehall, spacey dub, future bass, and “a few odds and ends”.  Kicking the set off with the trippy Sun Araw  and punctuating things with their agreed upon  big tune of the mix by Up, Bustle and Out,  The Bass Kultcha duo guide us through what is arguably their best episode yet. Oh ya,  all this and a special reggae tinged tribute to their favourite Beastie, the late legendary  MCA.

Check out this wicked cerebral and tripped out episode of Bass Kultcha in the video below, or download the free mp3 audio podcast from the SoundCloud player. Track list after the jump. Enjoy.…

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(Not So) Shameless Self Promotion: Bass Kultcha, Ep. 3

Alright folks, it’s that time again. My man urbansteve and I are back with episode 3 of our Bass Kultcha program via Studiofeed radio, and this time around we’re bringing you a heavyweight clash of dancehall titans. In one corner, urban is reppin’ Cutty Ranks and Beenie Man. In the other corner, I’m the flag bearer for Shabba Ranks and Buju Banton. Plus, we brought along our usual mix of reggae-fied sounds, highlighted by a selection  of soulful reggae covers, mashups and a dancehall-ification of The Cure. Peace. Love. And Bass.

(Not So) Shameless Self Promotion, Pt. 2

So, urbansteve and I are back with the second installment of Bass Kultcha, our monthly program featuring some of our favourite reggae-centric and reggae-fied tracks. This episdode is heavy on 80’s and 90’s era dancehall and reggae with a smattering of more contemporary sounds. Again, much love to the Studiofeed crew. Check out the video below or download the mp3 from the Soundcloud media player. Bass Kultcha…Studiofeed…Bass Kultcha…Studiofeed. Bass Kultcha…Studiofeed…