Special Treats: Darondo and Mount Gay Eclipse…Black

I’m going to keep this short but sweet. I was at the Harbourfront Centre a couple weeks back and checked out Rum Chef Paul Yellin’s food demo. How was it you ask? Well, the food was good (I tried Coo -Coo for the first time) and I drank rum. I think that’s a win. Anyway, I know a guy who dates a girl who knows a guy who knows another guy (okay it wasn’t that convoluted but I like how mysterious it sounds) who introduced me to Chef Paul. A small group of us ended up sharing rum later in the evening. The highlight? Probably this:

Yeah, you’re reading that right. Mount Gay Rum. Eclipse Black. 100 proof. Now, it wasn’t good for sipping, but it was magic mixed with a little orange juice and bitters. Unfortunately for me the LCBO doesn’t carry this gem. Anyone heading to Barbados?

Oh, and for your troubles I thought I’d share another gem. If you don’t know Darondo, you’ll want to after checking out this video clip. If you love soul music, you’ll love this tune.


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