Things I Dig: Beatface

It’s summer. The temperature is rising, the barbecue is on fire and drinks are flowing. Friends you haven’t seen since the Christmas holidays are mingling in the backyard, talking slick, cracking jokes and catching up on old times. Oh yeah, and the music. Summer isn’t officially here without tunes that capture the right good time flavour.

Enter Beatface.

Because I’m fortunate to know someone, who knows someone who knows a guy who met a girl, I happen to possess an advance copy of Amy, Beatface’s soon to be released EP. My verdict? This summer’s soundtrack is about to get better.

Clocking in at a shade less than 28 minutes, length is the only thing Amy is missing. This release has variety, from ‘A Bottle of Wine’, the acoustic tinged opening track to up-tempo floor fillers like ‘Amy’, ‘In Your Bed’ and ‘We Don’t Need to Pretend (whose sound is reminiscent of Phoenix) where slinky synths meet dance-floor beats. I’m a sucker for this sh**. Straight up, this EP is a fun listen.

Take a listen to this clip if you don’t believe me.

‘We Don’t Need To Pretend’ – Beatface

FYI, Beatface is hosting an EP release party on July 11. Fore more info on the band and the release visit Beatface @


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