Airtone Showing Me ‘Something’

I used to be one of those annoying people who bitched and moaned about the festering pustule of a turd that is commercial radio and the state of popular music. Not anymore. Why? First and foremost I no longer listen to the radio, I’m not a regular on the nightclub scene and I’ve come to realize I’m just not part of commercial radio’s target demographic. Second, and probably more significantly, like most people I know the Internet and word of mouth have become my primary sources for the good sh**.

Enter airtone. I know next to nothing about airtone (I’m not even sure if it’s airtone or airtones), but I was sent a link to a site, which led me to another site, which led me to a track called ‘Something’. For more info click here.

I really dig this track. The drums, which are simple and straightforward, really ride a sweet groove and along with a subtly bubbling bass set the tempo for blanket warm keyboards, and Stax lite/like horns. The vocalist? Well, the vocalist comfortably straddles it all (actually, his tone and phrasing remind me a little of the late Haydain Neale. R.I.P.). Anyway, that’s enough out of me. Just listen to the track.

‘Something’ – airtone


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