(Not So) Guilty Pleasures: Gyptian, The Rum House and Caesars

Maybe the less than tropical conditions outside are to blame because I have the strongest urge to lay around all day cuddled up in bed. Preferably with a lady. And with reggae tunes playing. Lover’s shots. A dose of Gyptian will do. And rum. Can’t forget my rum. Anyway, here’s a run down of today’s (not so) guilty pleasures:

Hold Yuh – Gyptian

Gyptian’s ‘Hold You’ apparently caused a bit of ruckus in Jamaica. Seems some folks found the lyrical content objectionable. What do you think? Personally, this issue gets a Kanye shrug from me. But what do I know. Anyway, for those who are patois (oh, and it’s pronounced patwa NOT patwauze. It does not rhyme with gauze) illiterate, here are song lyrics. Actually, come to think of it, reading the lyrics still won’t help some of you. If that’s the case I’m not sure what else I can do. You should probably just ignore me and listen to the song. And imagine me wrapped up in my sheets with my lady. Or not.

  • Gyptian’s album has done well but apparently reggae sales are down. Can’t say I’m surprised.
  • Add this to the list of places I’ll be visiting this year. I hope.
  • Do you like Caesars? If so, you need to give this a try. Trust me when I say it’s well nice.

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