Sing Love Songs: “Am-A-Do”

“Mi have to sing love songs…Me would like to sing them likkle bit natural that people can understand say a sumthin’ a gwan more than just baby, baby I love you thing…. It can even uplift a woman’s mind an’ mek she start think nice.”

-Bob Marley

At the risk of sounding a tad too sensitive, I have a confession to make: Few things move me like a well-executed love song. I’m not sure why that is but frankly I’m not interested in speculating. What is certain is many of my life’s more memorable moments are associated not just with songs but also with love songs. Not just with great happenings but with indelible melodies. Not just with unforgettable women but with brilliant lyrical turns of phrase.


In the case of ‘Am-A-Do’, what I consider an underrated gem in Bob Marley’s catalogue, the allure is in the simplicity and honesty of the lyrics, the honeydew sweet harmonies of the I-Threes and the catchy call and response structure of the song. Not to mention Bob’s “let’s get a little rude” entreaties to his prospective lover.

Am-A-Do – Bob Marley & The Wailers

Do it with your bad self indeed.


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