Holiday Gift Giving Guide: Havana Club Cuban Barrel Proof Rum

Simply put, Havana Club Cuban Barrel Proof rum is a winner. Now, my rum drinking roots are firmly planted in the English speaking Caribbean, specifically Jamaica, but recent years have seen me expand my rum drinking horizons and frankly I leave no rum stone unturned (Not quite true. I’m known for my disdain for Bacardi and Captain Morgan rums, but that’s another story for another day). One of the joys of my broadened rum horizons is my appreciation for Spanish speaking rums (Think Brugal, Flor De Cana).

Everyone’s palate is different, but in my experience Spanish-speaking rums tend to have a woodsier character and pack a little more bite than their Anglo counterparts. This member of the Havana Club family manages a fine balance, staying true to its smoky, woodsy, oak-barreled roots on one hand while being smoother than crème brulee on the other. Medium bodied and amber in coloring, it is sweet without being cloying or tangy with a pleasing aftertaste that begs to be consumed neat.

According to their literature, Havana Club’s Cuban Barrel Proof rum “is an exquisite rum…bottled straight form the cask. This powerful, supremely smooth elixir can be sipped neat or over ice, as untainted as when it left the barrel”. I couldn’t agree more and with the New Year fast approaching this rum would make an excellent gift—assuming you are attending a party. Planning on staying home for the New Year’s festivities? Well, you could do a lot worse than sipping on this rum while ushering in the New Year. Feliz Ano Nuevo indeed!

**A 700ml bottle of the Havana Club Cuban Barrel Proof rum retails for $44.20 at the LCBO


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