Things I Love: Steve Spacek “Dollar”

Okay. I know this track is four or five years old. I know in some circles it has a complex and controversial history. Guess what? I don’t care. We’re all grown ups. You can decide for yourself the legitimacy of this track. What you can’t deny: This track is nice.

Dollar (Let The Dollar Circulate) – Steve Spacek

It’s found its way back into my holiday rotation and has been getting lots of play the past couple of days. Considering the rampant consumption of the holiday season perhaps it is a timely choice (Sidebar. The sales rep. I was dealing with in a store today gave me a big speech about the evils of mindless capitalism/consumerism/consumption. He then punctuated his rant by saying “But that shouldn’t stop you from buying something today. We’ve got some good deals”. I bought a pair of shoes. What can I say, they were more than half-off).

Anyway. Consider it a chance to laugh at or marvel at the awesomeness of Mr. Spacek’s shades. Plus, it’s a good excuse to check out a bit of Billy Paul (of Me and Mrs. Jones fame for those who don’t know).


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