Merry Christmas Baby…

…you sure do treat me nice.

Merry Christmas Baby – Otis Redding

This might be my favourite Christmas tune. There are other versions of this song, most of which are okay or good. Some are excellent. But Otis’ version kills. There’s not a wasted note, every instrument and sound is in its rightful place. Otis sings the lyrics as if he wrote them himself (for the record they were written by Lou Baxter and Johnny Moore) ’cause that’s what great soul singers do. And Otis Redding was a great singer.

When I turned 26, Otis Redding was one of the first folks that sprung into my mind. Why? Well, I was in my early teens when I first really got into his music and the fact that he died at 26 seemed sad, though at 14 or 15, it seemed a lifetime away. Yet it wasn’t until I reached the milestone myself did the scope of his death, the tragedy of it really hit home.

Anyway, just like most of us, as I get older I tend to value each day more and more, value my friends and family more and genuinely appreciate the good things in life. And the holiday season is a time to celebrate the good things. So, enjoy the tune and enjoy your holiday season….

….oh, and Merry Christmas Otis, you sure do treat me nice.


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