Holiday Gift Giving Guide: Appleton Estate V/X

The holiday season is upon us and many are caught in the hustle and bustle that is holiday shopping. I myself have finely tuned my seasonal shopping habits in such a manner that it takes one or two outings at most to check every name from my list. My secret: highly personalized gift cards/baskets and fine spirits from the LCBO. I think the gift card/basket tactic is self explanatory, but the LCBO tactic may not be as obvious. But it should be. Unless you come from a family of teetotalers and/or all of your friends and acquaintances eschew alcohol, then the LCBO should be a no-brainer. Won’t you be attending countless parties and get-togethers after all? Isn’t alcohol the finest social lubricant?

So between today and the New Year (what, your holiday season ends at Christmas? Mine surely doesn’t) I’m going to present a series of rums that make excellent, excellent holiday gifts. You really can’t go wrong with any of these selections. First up, Appleton Estate V/X.

First off, let me admit to my potential bias. Yes, I was born in Jamaica, yes, I still have family there, yes, I try to visit as often as I can (which isn’t nearly often enough) and yes I have a soft spot in my heart for all things Jamaican. Are my opinions, thoughts and feelings compromised? Meh, perhaps, but it still doesn’t’ change the facts: I love rum, I love to share the finest of rums with my friends, Appleton Estate makes very fine rums, ergo Appleton Estate V/X is a very fine rum.

An award winning blend of 15 rums that is ideal for the mixologist in all of us (remind me to tell you about a cocktail that I’ve dubbed “The Westmoreland Sip”), Appleton Estate V/X possesses a truly unique flavour. A nice warm amber or medium bodied rum, the V/X doesn’t have as much bite to it as some of the Spanish speaking rums I enjoy, like Brugal, but it still has a spice, a kick to it that I also enjoy on the rocks or neat. Another selling point: price. For rum of its quality and versatility, the V/X is quite affordable, with a 750ml bottle retailing for $25.45 at LCBO stores.

What’s my final recommendation? Well, if you’ve got a friend on your shopping list who doesn’t’ know much about rum, won’t be sipping it, but enjoys a good rum based cocktail, then Appleton Estate V/X would make a wonderful gift this or any holiday season.


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