It’s Party Time

Several months back, my friends Mas Robbie, Stichie, urbansteve and myself were gathered in my living room listening to some heavy roots riddims and drinking in preparation for an evening on the town. As the music got heavier and our spirits lifted I decided to host an impromptu rum tasting. I randomly selected four rums from my collection with little regard for any discernible order; the rums were from different nations and spoke different languages, the only commonality being their location on my shelf.

Anyway, this unplanned and definitely unscientific tasting featured two Spanish-speaking rums, Ron Zacapa Centenario 23 from Guatemala and Brugal Gold Label from the Dominican Republic; and two “Anglo” rums, Guyanese favourite El Dorado (12 year old) and Sea Wynde (Jamaica & Guyana). After all was said and done, Ron Zacapa was the big winner, with all four of us selecting it as our favourite (I’ll get into all the particulars at a later date). With the tasting completed we took our revelry on the road.

Why am I telling this story? Well, after years of playing rum fueled “parties” and “sound clashes” in our living rooms, Mas Robbie, Stichie and I have finally decided to take our show on the road. So, tomorrow, Friday November 5th 2010, Warm N Easy is hosting ‘Soul Rockin’ Vibes’ an evening of Reggae, Rocksteady and Classic Soul. If you happen to be in the Toronto area come check us out at Korova Milk Bar (488 College Street) in Toronto. Hope to see you there.


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