My Bacardi Challenge (Part One)

For years now, I’ve been telling anyone who would listen that Bacardi rum is not fit for consumption. I’ve held court countless times in countless bars, lounges and living rooms and enumerated a laundry list of reasons why this well known brand will never find its way into my liquor cabinet. In fact, in reference to Bacardi rum I’ve often said:

“I would rather drink toilet water than drink Bacardi rum again”

Recently a friend challenged me on my position. She wanted to know when I last tasted Bacardi rum and what exactly were my specific objections to its consumption. I could only answer the first question (summer 2005). The second query was a less tangible proposition. I’d been railing against the rum for so long, and hadn’t tasted it for so long that I had forgotten just what it tasted like and what my objections were.

I pride myself on being an objective and open-minded man and decided to break one of my Five Rum Rules in order to make sure I wasn’t just discriminating against Bacardi on the basis of something I felt five years ago. I mean, my life had changed considerably in the past five years, why couldn’t my feelings on Bacardi change as well? So, I’m giving Bacardi rum another try.

I decided to sample as many Bacardi rums as I could to see if my feelings had changed or to see if Bacardi rum still remained one of my least favourite things to drink. I decided to implement my own personal Bacardi challenge. In the first installment I compared and contrasted Bacardi’s Superior Original Premium white rum with a personal favourite, Appleton White Jamaica rum.

I availed myself of a friend’s left over bottle of Bacardi white (what, you thought I was gonna pay for it?), grabbed my Appleton White from off my shelf, sat down at my kitchen table with a couple of shot glasses, a bottle of water and a magazine (I needed something to read while ruminating on each rum). I poured each of the rums in a glass and took a sip of each, making sure to cleanse my palate between sips/drinks with natures finest elixir (that would be the water). I repeated these steps to make sure that I was actually thinking what I thought I was thinking:

Bacardi white rum is not as bad as I remember it!

Before my friends start flipping out, looking for flying pigs and telling their bosses what’s really on their minds, let me urge calm–the world is not ending people. Plus, I’m still not a fan. The Bacardi white had an aroma that slightly resembled an industrial cleaner. As for flavour, it was dry, pretty bland and it took a beat or two for its after taste to hit (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). When it did, it was slightly sour. Having said that, back in the day I remember drinking Bacardi white rum and thinking it was almost like drinking hot sand, so on that front things have changed. For the better.

On the other hand, the Appleton white was more to my liking. Which is not surprising as it is my go-to white rum when it comes to serving others or mixing cocktails. In fairness, the Appleton was also reminiscent of a cleaner or antiseptic, but its aroma was less pungent. As for flavour, the Appleton white was sweeter, subtly so, and lingered on the tongue longer before fading ever so gently into the ether.

So in the end, my opinion of Bacardi white hasn’t changed much. I still don’t like it. I still wouldn’t buy it. But in a pinch I might use it in a rum and coke or some other cocktail.

Anyway, leave me a comment or fire off an email and let me know what you think about Bacardi rums in general and Bacardi’s Superior Original Premium white rum specifically. Do you also feel that Bacardi doesn’t really cut it or are you a fan? Let a brother know.

Next up on the list for my personal Bacardi Challenge: Bacardi Gold.


2 thoughts on “My Bacardi Challenge (Part One)

  1. woulda been interesting to have someone administer this bacardi test to you blind along with a couple other rums to totally eliminate unconcious bias. maybe looking at the superior appleton label on the bottle triggered something in your tastebuds that made the appleton taste x-amount better. not that I’m a bacardi fan or anything.

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